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Welcoming Visitors

Visits to cathedrals and churches are as much a part of the visitor experience as visits to castles or historic houses, according to VisitBritain. Are we making the most of the potential for visitor interest in our churches?

People visit churches for many different reasons. Some do so as part of a family history quest: having done their research online, many wish to see where their forbears came from. Some come for historical or architectural interest, guide book in hand. Others may be walkers or cyclists, for whom country churches are points of interest en route. But it seems that most visits to churches are ‘un-premeditated’: not coming intentionally to visit the church, but as a spur-of-the-moment decision when they happen to be in the vicinity or passing by.

Unfortunately most people have come to expect church doors to be firmly locked, so will not attempt to visit unless there is an obvious sign of life and interest. It is not surprising, then, that the number of visitors generally increases significantly when there is a welcoming ‘church open’ sign outside!

Even the simplest church may have potential to welcome visitors in new and creative ways, and making visitors feel welcome need not cost a lot of money. The important thing is that the church is seen to be expecting visitors, and has put some thought into making them feel wanted and welcome.

Useful resources to get you started

The following sources of advice and inspiration may help you to enhance the experience your church offers to visitors:

  • Church Buildings for Everyone - A Visitor Welcome Toolkit - is a practical resource produced as part of Inspired North East's "Spirit in Stone" project, to help volunteers in local churches to enhance their visitor welcome, plan new activities and produce new materials. This includes advice on how write leaflets that visitors really want, creating material for children, planning heritage activities that will bring people into your church, free design templates for banners and much more. Copies are being distributed to parishes in the dioceses of Newcastle and Durham, but the contents are now also available to download free of charge via this page.
  • How to encourage visitors on a spiritual journey – it is good to welcome visitors to our lovely churches, but how might we engage them in the faith for which those churches were built? A short guide with practical and simple suggestions was written by Rev’d Eileen MacLean, former Vicar of Bamburgh, for Newcastle Diocese Tourism Task Group (2006). Free to download from here: Encouraging Visitors.

Further reading

  • See the Website of The Churches Tourism Association for access to a range of advice and downloadable resources, also details of the CTA 2012 Convention, 19-21 November, Swanwick, Derbyshire.
  • Open for You: The Church, the Visitor and the Gospel, by Paul Bond, Canterbury Press Norwich (2006), RRP £14.99, ref ISBN-10: 1853117145. A practical guide to help local congregations look at every aspect of their building and ways of meeting visitors' needs - from ensuring comfort to providing a quiet place for prayer and making the Christian faith fully accessible.
  • Exploring Churches - a resource for teachers and parents and for churches welcoming schools visits. Full of interesting ideas for activities and photocopiable materials and activity sheets, it covers most aspects of the school curriculum with sections on Citizenship and other places of worship. £6 (inc. postage) from The Churches Conservation Trust.
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