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Travelling Treasures

Travelling Treasures is a collaborative interpretation project involving all the 18 churches in the Inspired Futures project.  It aims to work together to create a shared travelling interpretative resource that will bring benefits for our churches, heritage, people and communities.

At the core of the project are the stories and objects within each church, and the idea that these can be a powerful tool to engage modern communities when collectively shared and presented through a joint exhibition which will move round all the churches.  The aim is also that the process of creating the exhibition will be a collective learning experience leaving a legacy of new combined skills for the future, as well as increased sense of the potential that church buildings have.

What has happened so far?

We have held two workshop events to help define the scope of the Travelling Treasures concept. The first of these (in February 2017 at the Old Low Light, North Shields) began to explore some of the objects and stories that give life and distinctive identity to the Inspired Futures churches. The second (in October 2017 at Hexham Abbey), aimed to define the core messages of the exhibition, the tools we would need to create it, and began to think about what Travelling Treasures might actually consist of.

Outputs to date

A detailed summary of the Hexham workshop can be found here.  The core output of a very productive day was to agree that the key message would be that People are our most precious treasures.

We also agreed that the exhibition would consist of core set of portable shared resources (e.g. graphics, objects and interactives) which each church would then use to frame the distinctive story it wanted to tell in that particular place. Other key aspects were that the exhibition should be eye catching, high quality, innovative (e.g. not a traditional graphic exhibition in one part of the church), engage all the senses, have opportunities for visitors to share their stories, create a legacy and create a sense of opportunity for what comes next.

What next?

There is still much to do to deliver this ambitious vision, and plenty of opportunity for everyone to get involved. The next key event was on 23rd January 2018, where we came together for a general celebration of what has so far been achieved through Inspired Futures, and an afternoon session brainstorming ideas for the content of the Travelling Treasures exhibition.


To get you thinking about Travelling Treasures, the events to date have generated a range of information resources, and these can be accessed below

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