? Inspired North East

Inspired Futures Programme

Inspired Futures is helping a number of churches in the North East of England with historic buildings to develop opportunities for heritage conservation, improvements to facilities and access, and open up potential for wider community use.

The project is working with six churches (Group 1) to develop sustainable futures using the creativity and expertise of a team of volunteers and professionals. The team will help with everything from developing business plans and looking at ways forward with repairs, to building on fundraising opportunities and new ways to engage communities in their heritage. Enabling more diverse use of these church buildings alongside their traditional worship role will lead to more stable and sustainable futures, with more users contributing towards upkeep, maintenance and running costs.

The project is also working with 12 other churches (Group 2) that were involved in Stage 1. These are receiving further significant support to encourage them to continue their local project momentum, including mentoring and advice to help them to review their local priorities and carry out project plans and heritage activities.

All of the participating churches will also have free access to a programme of advice surgeries, workshops and training events.

Group 1 churches

Three of the Group 1 churches are in Newcastle Diocese:

And three are in Durham Diocese:

Group 2 churches

Six of the Group 2 churches receiving such support are in Newcastle Diocese:

And six are in Durham Diocese:

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