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Darlington St John

Project Summary

The Church of St John The Evangelist, known as the Railwaymen’s Church, stands on a prominent site at the junction of main roads on the eastern side of Darlington town centre.  It is a striking building visible from the road and the nearby railway line.

The church is well used for weddings, baptisms and funerals and attracts regular school visits.  The church also draws visitors with family connections and those with an interest in its history, including its role as association with the construction of the railway.  It is also renowned for its eye-catching nativity scene displayed outside the front of the church each year. New opportunities in the vicinity include a Science Park and new housing developments, suggesting potential to engage new people and develop new activities and partnerships.

The Inspired Futures Way Forward report (see below) offered a view on the priority actions for the church and PCC and recommended that these be addressed through an action plan. A draft Heritage Activity plan was also produced as part of Inspired Futures Stage 1.

The church was selected to receive Inspired Futures mentoring and advisory support as one of 12 'Group 2' churches, including access to training workshops and networking opportunities. The church PCC decided not to proceed with participation in Stage 2.

Project documents

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