? Inspired North East

About Inspired North East

Information and advice for local church congregations considering or embarking upon church development projects.

The advice and information provided in these pages is rooted in an understanding that church buildings are for sharing with everyone, of all ages and abilities, for worship and nurture of Christian faith, for cultural events, community and learning activities, for welcoming strangers, and for telling the story of people and place.

Our focus is upon:

  • Encouraging congregations and communities to resource, manage and maintain their buildings in environmentally and financially sustainable ways
  • Signposting sources for information and advice.

Our aim

is to help communities to manage their own church buildings effectively and avoiding church buildings becoming ‘closed for public worship’ where there is another viable option. We do not manage individual development projects: rather, we provide help and advice to those involved with local churches to develop their own capacity to manage and to apply directly to particular funding sources.

To fulfil our project vision, Inspired North East is working towards seven specific objectives.

Our objectives

  • To encourage local churches to develop a clear long-term vision for their building.
  • To help churches engage with their local community and develop their local vision and mission, leading to wider use of their buildings, and access to heritage resources.
  • To support those responsible for managing churches through training and sharing of information and best practice.
  • To help churches fulfil their potential as an integral part of the region’s cultural heritage, doing justice to their historic and religious roots.
  • To encourage partnership and community engagement linking local individuals, community groups, and businesses and public sector organisations with churches.
  • To signpost resources available to repair, maintain and develop church buildings, to help target new funding where it will be most effective, and to ensure those resources are used efficiently.
  • To encourage and advise on the opening and keeping open of churches, the welcoming of visitors and the management of the visitor experience.
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